Private Coaching

With Emily

Private Coaching

With Emily

Let me guess, you’re a productive, functioning human with no shortage of ambition and you’ve lost your way.

You’re tired of the overdrinking roller coaster and you’re ready to gain control over alcohol and become empowered and confident to drink LESS and live MORE mindfully. You’re ready to live more intentionally and re-discover your purpose in order to live in alignment with the true journey you’re meant to live. Well, you’re in the right place.

Empower You

You’ll validate that a drink LESS life can offer MORE fulfillment and joy and gain back your power over alcohol and put the control back in your hands and mind.

Love Yourself

You’ll build a renewed self-confidence and self-worth by removing stigmas and any shame you feel freeing you to love yourself sober.

Skill Building

I’ll teach you the skills to handle drink urges and your mind in order to develop an understanding of your triggers so you can de-sensitize your life and get back to socializing without thinking about drinking.

Passion & Purpose

You’ll have a re-ignited enthusiasm for claiming back your life so that you can pursue forgotten passions and start your journey toward purposeful living and giving back to the world what only you can give.

“Emily, what you’ve taught me deeply resonates with me. I am 36 years old and know alcohol needs to be left behind. I wasn’t sure I was ready to get sober but you’ve given me that gift. AA seems depressing and makes me want to drink more. I am so happy to have worked with you. I never thought I could get the results I’ve experienced with you. I feel like I know the secret to the universe! Thank you!”


Hi! I’m Emily!

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping women like you find your innate power and purpose so that you can live the life your meant to live through the drink LESS transformation you’ve been missing. Whether you’re looking for sobriety, social drinking, or just a few sips a year, I guide you from boozy to butterfly over a six week period of private coaching.

Your Six Week Transformation

Week 1

We begin by crushing the most common perceptions and mindsets that could stop you from moving forward, including uncovering and eliminating your fears surrounding alcohol. You’re going to quickly learn beliefs and rules that have not been serving you and discover why the thought “I wish I could just drink like a normal person” is so damaging and loaded. Finally, you’ll decide what an ideal drink less lifestyle looks like for you going forward, so that you’ll have a crystal-clear picture of your journey.

Week 2

Week two is essentially a fact check on the blind trust you’ve had in your life. I will empower you with education because it’s vital to know the real deal about what you’re choosing to put in your body so you can make informed decisions going forward. This is not only going to cover the truth about whether or not alcohol has any health benefits but we’ll go below the surface and discover how alcohol has been a crutch for you and build on those innate skills so you no longer view alcohol as a vital tool in your life.

Week 3

Week three takes off with teaching you the steps to uncover how your brain is interpreting your world and your circumstances. I carefully laid out the stages your mind passes through as you’re building an opinion on every moment. You’re then taught how to change your perception of your life. This is a transformative experience that will take you from feeling like a victim of the universe to feeling at peace and in control of you. You’ll practice shifting your perceptions so you can choose the thoughts that serve you.

Week 4

You’re no longer asleep placing blind trust in all the information filtering through your brain. You’ll understand how to create joy and craft experiences that align with your inner being. We further build upon the transformation of perception by adding self-confidence and self-worth growth exercises so that you feel unstoppable and sexy with the future self you’ve designed. You’ll discover how to selectively create the lifestyle you desire and confidently decline behaviors that no longer align with your journey.

Week 5

This week focuses on living in the present with a future focus and in order to change your results, you have to change. I teach how to make change easier than your past experience. Simply taking a few actionable guided steps makes the difference between success and a do-over. I’ll teach you how to know when your intuition is talking versus all the other noise going through your mind. Your years of contribution have just begun and we’ll map out milestones in order for you to set your future self up for success.

Week 6

Consider this final week the fan to fuel your eternal flame. This is the momentum that is going to make you disinterested in living in an altered state of mind. The thought of drinking becomes the least attractive thing you want to do because you’re constantly inspired and energized to live every moment. You’ll start re-discovering your soul’s passion and begin to add more meaning to your daily routine. Purpose becomes the meaning and reason for your journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.

Can you imageine what it would feel like if you never cared about alcohol again?

Are you ready to transform your thirst for drinking to a thirst for life? Short-cut your lengthy self-transformation trial and error and trade life’s painful tuition for a coaching experience that helps you transcend your current frustrations.

I'm Ready