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Here’s what Cindy had to say…

“I knew I needed to change things but intuitively knew that groups, meetings and self flogging were not for me. I am an educated professional and I needed KNOWLEDGE, a deep dive on why I fell into the trap in the first place and then I needed some practical tools that I could implement to get out of the trap. That is exactly what I found here. “

A Note from Emily

(your personal guide & coach to create a drink less or sober life you can love)

In case we haven’t met, I’m Emily.

I’m a certified life coach with The Life Coach School and I’ve been guiding women on a boozy to butterfly journey since 2016. My motto is drink less, live more!

There’s a big difference between me and most people giving out sober advice: I’ve walked in your shoes.

I’m a former drinker/party gal who never thought a life without alcohol would be tolerable, let alone enjoyable.

If you’re committed to gaining control of overdrinking and loving a drink less life, I can’t wait to help you!

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